Pisco sunset

In 2014 we traveled down to Peru to visit my Venezuelan's family. His brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew live in Lima and we had a great time on our first trip to Peru. Not only did we get to find out more about the culture, shop at the local street fairs, but of course we enjoyed great food and drinks! 

The national spirit of Peru is pisco. It is a very strong clear liquid that is distilled from grapes. We tried many different drinks with pisco as the main ingredient including a popular one, pisco sour. Naturally, we brought back a couple of bottles so we could continue to enjoy the taste of our trip to Peru.

While we enjoyed one bottle soon after we came back, I was recently inspired to create a refreshing cocktail with our remaining bottle! The experiment was a success and therefore the creation of the Pisco sunset.

Ingredients for two drinks
2 shots of pisco
4 large strawberries
juice of one lime
3-4 basil leaves

I used a cocktail shaker and started by squeezing the lime into bottom. One tip, before you cut your lime in half, roll it on your cutting board and that helps it loosen up the lime for squeezing. I also like to pierce the lime with a knife in a couple places and then squeeze! After you've got the lime juice in the shaker, slice your strawberries in half and tear up your basil and add to the shaker. Next, muddle or push the flavors out of the strawberries and the basil. I personally didn't have a muddler so I used the round, flat end of a whisk. After you've extracted the flavors from the basil and the strawberries add the pisco. Add some ice to the shaker and shake it up.

Use the strainer end of the shaker and split the mixture into two glasses. Finally, top off with Fresca soda and add some more basil for color.


If you aren't able to find pisco in your local store, you can try to use a good cucumber vodka. It won't have the exact same flavor, but is also refreshing!