Red, White and Boot Watermelon Spritzer

This is a super refreshing summer drink that uses fresh flavors including watermelon and blueberries. Oh and the boot, Boot Hill Distillery Vodka!

Small to Medium size watermelon
1/2 c blueberries (I like to put mine in the freezer for 24 hours)
1 can lime sparkling water
1-2 c Boot Hill Distillery Vodka

Take a ripen watermelon and remove the juice. I like this method from Alton Brown. Make sure to strain the juice so you get out the thick portion, this will make a smoother drink. Once you've strained your juice, pour it over ice in the bottom of your pitcher, add your vodka. I use 1-2 cups depending on how strong you want it. The vodka is where the Boot comes in. I use Boot Hill Distillery Vodka. Next add your can of lime sparkling water or your favorite lemon lime soda. Finish off with frozen blueberries to add the blue.

Enjoy and it makes a colorful addition to your tablescape!