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Kansas girl's carne mechada aka shredded beef

While I grew up in a community that had excellent Mexican food I had not tried many dishes from other Latin American countries. Well that changed when I started dating a Venezuelan. We didn't have any Venezuelan restaurants where we were living so he took me out for Cuban food. The next closest thing, and I loved it! Not too long after, his mom was visiting. She took me under her wing and taught this Kansas girl how to make the main element in the Venezuelan national dish.

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Four cheese baked mac & cheese with bacon

Mac and cheese is a comfort food, no matter where you are from. I had only ventured out and made homemade mac & cheese two other times before I put my lover for all things cheese to the test. This recipe combines four of my favorite cheeses that all provide great flavor themselves: smoked Gouda, Parmesan, Gruyere and sharp cheddar. Plus, I started with bacon, because I contend, everything is better with bacon!

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Fall in a bowl: Cranberry, pork, sweet potatoes and cider soup

This is one of the best fall-inspired dishes I’ve had this year. Yes, it is early in the season, but it gives me lots of hope for the future. I originally had these flavors thanks to a stew by my pal Chef Alli. I modified it a bit because I wanted to go for the slow cooker version. I also call it a soup because it has a lighter broth then a stew. Two versions, both are delicious!

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