Feathers and fun: Quick and easy Halloween wreath

I don't know about you, but I love feathers! I thought it would be fun to create a super quick and easy Halloween wreath. And honestly, depending on your colors, it can be up all year. Check it out and let me know what you think.


2 boas, colors of your choice
One roll of 3" ribbon, your color choice
Floral U pins
12" flat-back styrofoam wreath
Coordinating tulle or ribbon for a bow
A small piece of floral wire for your bow


I started by taking the 3" ribbon and covering the outside of the wreath. This makes it an easy clean edge. Secure the ends with the U pins. You may need one half way around as well to make sure the ribbon stays in place.

Next cover the styrofoam with your secondary color boa around the inside of the wreath. Just make sure you are covering the white and using the U pins to secure.

Then take the primary color boa and go around the front, flat part, of the wreath. I zigzagged back and fourth to make sure the white was no longer showing and continued to pin the boa into place.

Tulle is great for making quick bows that are durable. I picked out this tulle with glitter polka dots. If you just go back and fourth to make 6-8 loops total then you've got your bow. 

Take a piece floral wire and wrap it around the middle. This allows you to have two tails to your bow and fluff the bow into a good shape. If you don't have a piece of wire, cut a short piece of your tulle and tie it around the middle of your bow

Hook your bow into your feathers. I also added two long tails to the bow as well, and vioala, you've got a fun, festive feather wreath.