DIY Christmas card holder

We always seem to run out of space to display our pictures and cards from friends and family. This year, I decided to create a card holder that also adds some fun holiday flare to our house.


18" x 24" frame

3/8" ribbon of your choice (approximately 32 feet)

      Horizontal: 12 strips x 18" = 18 feet

      Vertical: 7 strips x 24" = 14 feet

Staple gun

Short staples

For the ornaments:

       3 Christmas ornaments

       28" of your coordinated 7/8" ribbon

       36", 3/8" ribbon

Your Wooden Initial

I started with a simple frame and just removed the backing and glass. Next I cut the strips of the 7/8" ribbon to make the "grid". If you use a different sized frame just cut your ribbon accordingly.

I started with my horizontal pieces and spaced them out evenly by eyeballing it. I figure if it's a little off it adds to the homemadeness. Yup, that's a word I made up and use it often! It's very important to make sure you keep all the pieces tight across the frame. I found it was best to staple in line with the ribbon.

After you've added your horizontal pieces, layout your vertical pieces. The reason I started with the horizontal pieces, is because that leaves less vertical pieces to weave. Remember to make sure your pieces are tight when you stable them.

Next after the grid is done add your initial letter with the coordinating ribbon. Since mine was an M it was a bit harder because it had to be in two places. I started on the left side stapling to the letter. then measured how far down I wanted it. Stapled on the back of the frame.

Finally I added a trio of Christmas ornaments with more of the 3/8" ribbon to add a more festive holiday flare. It's good to cut the the ribbon a little long so you can vary the length after you tie the bows on the ornaments. 

That is it and your ready to hang it up and add your cards. After the holidays, you can simply remove your cards and the ornaments and it is still a great wall decoration!