Pumpkins with Polka Dots

I got very excited this fall and found myself asking, how many ways can I use pumpkins? I'm not the biggest fan of carving them, because I feel like they don't last. However, when you decorate the exterior instead, they should last all the way through the fall season. So, I took full advantage of the different varieties at our local pumpkin patch and came up with these cool light colored varieties. I wanted to take them up a notch, so I added polka dots! Find out how you can add some dots to your pumpkins.

All you need:

  • Any kind of pumpkin
  • Coordinating paint colors
  • Round foam brushes (I call them dobbers)
  • Clear spray sealant
  • Glitter

Make sure your pumpkin is cleaned off and dry. Take your round brushes and one-by-one use the paints to add polka dots to your pumpkin. Let the polka dots dry and add the clear spray sealant to keep your paint from cracking. I also find this helps the pumpkins to last a little longer in the colder weather. Finally, while the spray is still wet sprinkle on some glitter. Shake of the excess glitter and spray one final coat of the sealant to keep the glitter from falling off the pumpkin.

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