Little Miss Baby Shower

I'm excited to say that I'm going to be an aunt, and that means I had the pleasure of co-hosting the baby shower. We picked a purple and pearls theme and worked to set up to celebrate our growing family.

In order to help spread out her new wardrobe that everyone loves to buy for showers, we gave everyone a size and a time of year for their outfit purchased. This made the shopping a bit of a mission.

We brought the theme into the shower with the decorations see below in the pictures. If you are looking for the perfect cake or cupcake stand, use a large wine glass or margarita glass in between two platters or plate chargers. They are easy to color code, and cheap, then you can add food coloring to water in the glass for a splash of color. 

In lieu of not doing a game, we wanted to have some activity, so we created a headband making station. This little girl is sure to be accessorized and mama-to-be have fun memories from the shower.

For the favors we worked with a local soap maker to have them make small soaps in different shades of purple. We took a clear, plastic ornaments, filled them with a few of the small soaps and then tied them with a tulle bow. Added a sign so everyone knew to take one, From Little Miss Ryan's shower to theirs. I picked up the cute chalk signs for less than $3 at Michaels. 

For our menu, we went light since it was a mid-day shower. Check out all the recipes by clicking on the each dish or drink.

Enjoy photos of the event including other great dishes and party tips. Including using a wine glass, filled with water and coordinated food coloring between two charge for a cupcake holder.