Diaper cakes made easy

Recently we celebrated with a good friend the arrival of his first baby. We went with he baby farm animal theme since we work in agriculture, we thought it was only fitting. That made it easy to pull the rest of the shower together we just used primary colors. Using multiple colors takes away the stress of matching the colors and instead just coordinate. 

My big first for this shower was making a diaper cake. I though it would make a fun centerpiece and it's useful for the parents. However, I did not want to have to tie more than 100 individual diapers and I wanted it to be easily transported, so I used some reinforcements. See below for the step-by-step instructions.


160 diapers (this number can vary with how many you use in the boxes)
3 paper boxes: (found in the party aisle of DIY aisle of the craft store, you can go with color or just the neutral)
- 12"
- 9"
- 7"
3/8" ribbon- 68 pieces, 9" each, about 50' of ribbon total
Tulle ( I used 2 colors that coordinated with the theme)

Start by cutting your ribbon so everything is ready to go once you start. After you've cut your ribbon roll and tie your diapers. You'll need to tie a total of 68 diapers for all four layers of the cake. I made sure to roll the diapers from top to bottom and rolled the designs so they were on the inside and didn't detract from the cake.

First layer: 24 diapers, 12" box 
To start with the first layer, take your largest box and fill it with as many of the remaining diapers that you can. Just make sure the top still sits easily on the box. Next measure out your tulle so that you will have enough to hold the diapers on the layer and leave plenty for a tie. Use your tulle as your tie, wrap it around the box and hold it with one hand while you line up the diapers vertically, side-by-side around the box. This makes it a lot easier to do this with just one set of hands. After you have lined the box with diapers pull the tulle tight and tie it in a knot.

Next you want to secure the diapers to the box. I took the second tulle color and essentially wrapped the box and diapers with a criss cross. The great thing about tulle is it stretches so it's important to pull it tight and knot the tulle.

Second layer: 18 diapers, 9" box
Repeat the same steps to line the second box with the diapers after you fill the box. I used the opposite color of tulle to rotate the colors by tier. Before you line up the diapers along the edge, tie the box to the first layer with the criss cross effect you used the on the first layer. Then align the diapers along the edge and tie your knot. Make sure your knot and excess tulle lines up with the bottom layer. This will come into play at the end.

This time thread it through the  tulle from the first layer. This will secure the layers together and the lid shut. I tied the tulle tightly into a bow so it's easier for the parents to take it apart.


Third layer: 14 diapers, 7" box
Follow the same steps as the second layer. Just remember to rotate your tulle colors. Criss cross the tulle to tie the third layer on to the second layer, then add the diapers. Make sure your knot and excess tulle lines up with the second and bottom layer. This will come into play at the end.

Fourth layer: 9 diapers
For the top layer, just group up your last nine diapers into a circle and tie them like you did the other layers. In addition make sure you did the criss cross layer. Make sure your knot and excess tulle lines up with the other three layers. This will come into play at the end.

Tie it together
Next you are going to create two vertical "stripes" so that the cake will be even more secure. First measure out enough tulle that you have enough to go all the way around the cake vertically. Start by making a U down the back (opposite the knots) and weave the tulle so that it goes inside the tulle on the top layer, outside the tulle on the third layer, inside the layer on the second layer and outside the bottom layer. thread it through the criss-cross underneath the bottom layer and come up in the center of the bottom layer where your knots are. Use the extra tulle from the knots you centered to tie the strip at each layer. Finally tie the tulle at the top after you thread it under the tie at the very top.

Take your second color and weave it through the sides, under the criss-cross on the bottom and up the other side. Tie it with the other tie you just made at the very top.

Making bows 
Tulle bows are the easiest, Just make a loop, hold in the center, make another loop on the other side and you've got a bow. I usually make bows with loops in threes. For this cake I did six loop bows for the front and then stacked two, six loop bows, one in each color on the top.

Hopefully you find these instructions helpful. If you have questions, please comment below and I'll be sure to reply. If the idea of making the cake is overwhelming, let me know if you are in the Manhattan, Kansas area, I'd be happy to make one fore you! Email me at: dibbledabbledesigns@gmail.com. 

Here is a gallery of all the images step by step!