Fall tablescape- candles, leaves and pumpkin

If you are looking for some quick, easy-to-make fall decor check out these three options below. I also show a visual of how to pull it all together for an easy tablescape. Note I used "burlap" look-alike deco mesh for the runner.

Fall leaf candles

I don't know about you, but I love the colors of fall and I was excited that this craft not only adds some fall colors to your house, but it is also easy to make.


  • White candles (I used three total, two different sizes)
  • Leaves (Mine came from the bush outside and tree down the street, so they were free!)
  • Mod Podge and small foam brush
  • Raffia
  • Clear sealant

First you need to gather your leaves. I wanted a variety of colors and sizes so I took a trip down the street to the school with beautiful trees. It's important to pick the leaves and make the candles around the same time, otherwise they become to dried and brittle and won't adhere well to the candles.

candles 2.jpg

After you've picked your leaves for each candle, cover the candle with a thin layer of the Mod Podge. Next take the leaves and place them around the candle. I added the raffia before adding the final layer of Mod Podge because it helped hold the leaves in place. After you've got the leaves in the location you want cover the sides with a thick, even layer of the Mod Podge. It's got to make sure there are not spots where it is too heavy or it will not dry clear.

Complete the other two candles in the same way. You'll see I added some extra raffia to hold the longer leaves on the taller candle. I added these after the final layer of Mod Podge so I could take them off after everything dried.

After they are dry, I did spray the candles with a clear glossy sealant to help give a shiny appearance and add another layer of seal.

Glitter pumpkin

While I like real pumpkins for decor, they will all expire at some point. So, I've embraced the new "funkins" or the fake foam pumpkins that look real. Although, I did find this site helpful if you are looking to use real pumpkins for indoor decorating.


  • Fake pumpkin
  • Mod Podge and small foam brush
  • Glitter (I used a bronze color to go with the fall theme)
  • Clear sealant

This project is fun and won't take you long at all. Make sure you have a good work surface for adding the glitter. I used tissue paper in a box so that I could reuse the excess glitter.

Take your foam brush and spread the Mod Podge on the top of the pumpkin. You'll notice I went

down the curve of the pumpkin with various points so that it makes it more interesting. After you've covered the first half of the pumpkin generously cover the glue area with the glitter to ensure you get the area glitterfied. Yup, that is a word in my book! After you shake off the excess, repeat on the other side.

Let the glue dry. I like using Mod Podge instead of a full glue for projects like this because it dries faster. When you're all dry, take the sealant and coat the pumpkin to "seal" in the glitter. I can't guarantee you won't have a glitter trail in your house, but it does help!

I added a monogram sticker to my pumpkin with a glitter outline for some more flare.

Glitter coated leaves

This is an easy project to add while you are making your candles and your pumpkins. I took my extra leaves and sprayed them with the clear sealant and then sprinkled the excess glitter from the pumpkin onto the coated leaves. After they are "coated" in glitter shake off the extra and then spray them again with the sealant. You'll see that this makes another addition to your well thought out tablescape.