Tips to decorating your tree like a showroom

Growing up, we always had two trees, one had the ornaments that we made as kids, baby first ornaments, etc, the other was coordinated to match the colors of our house. Throughout the years, I've been able to be my mother's apprentice and help her decorate many trees for her store, her customers and the all special church tree.

It was a proud moment for me when I was able to take over the decorating at my previous job, carry on the family tradition. The challenge, they were my first live trees to decorate. I learned three tips:

  1. Don't use as many lights (I really like lights)
  2. Use filler between your branches since they are spaced out further (I recommend deco mesh, because it's colorful and light weight)
  3. Find light-weight ornaments and make sure they are sized proportional to the tree. If you only use traditional ball ornaments on a 14' tree, they will look miniature

This year, while I was decorating my tree, I snapped a few quick pictures so you can see the layers of decorating I use. Hopefully you will find this helpful! My taste is not for everyone, but I enjoy the season and hope you do too.

The layers I use, in order, are:

  • Lights
  • Picks
  • Ornaments
  • Bow
  • Tree skirt

Lights- I recommend not using more than six strands, or 600 lights, end-to-end. It's easy enough to string an extension cord up the tree. I like to wrap the branches with the lights to show a fully light tree. Also, I leave the lights on the tree and just store it in the garage so it saves time when you decorate.

Mesh/Ribbon- For those that follow my posts, you know I like to use decomesh for wreaths and other decorating pieces around my house. In the tree I use it to throw some color in the tree and carry that color down the tree. I recommend the larger rolls, 2 ft long, because you can roll it up if your branches are close together like mine, but you can also use it as a filler if your branches are far apart.

Picks- I like to use flowers in my trees. These are the same flowers I use in my everyday decor so getting more use out of your daily decor. In addition, I love glitter. I call it the Christmas gift that keeps on giving due to it getting into everything! So, I added some additional, glittery, sparkly picks. Many times you will find these in the floral department of your craft/decor store, if they aren't in the Christmas section.

Ornaments- I love to use a variety of different ornaments on my tree. I slowly collected them over the years and many of them have a special meaning to me. I do recommend if you aren't buying individual ornaments, then I recommend buying in groups of 3. This was a tip I learned from my smart mama and have been using it my whole life :) This allows you to spread out the ornaments and provide lots of variety for visual interest.

Bow- Many friends have asked me how to make large bows. It's super easy all you need is wire edged ribbon. This is important because it really creates the bows shape. Ribbon is a great way to add a fun pattern and color to top off your tree. I included step-by-step photos below on how to make your own bow. I do recommend you undoing (I use floral wire) the bow and roll it back up for storage.

Tree skirt- Can't find the perfect tree skirt to complement your tree? This year I'm using a piece of coordinating fabric!

Let me know what you think by commenting below and if you have a tip you want to share for decorating trees.