Saying thanks: Strong women, strong wills

In our family, the females out number the men. However, I don’t think they would have it any other way. I like to remind our dad I think he got the best of both worlds. While we loved all the girly things about life, we grew up showing livestock like my dad, and all have a love for football. However today, I want to use this post to give the girls a shout out.

As the youngest, I always looked up to my sisters. They may have thought differently when I was the one that just wanted to play, and would have definitely asked to build a snowman like Anna in Frozen. In college, I followed in both of their footsteps and graduated with the same degree a year and half behind my middle sister, and a very similar degree from our oldest sister. We all started our careers in public relations and continue to work in marketing. While we are not close enough to grab lunch, it is a great feeling to know you always have your sisters in your corner. Sometimes, they are putting you in your place, other times they are helping to hold your hand and take the leap. Either way, they are pretty spectacular sisters, amazing wives and strong women.

We have to give some of the credit for our strong wills from our mother. As a single child, she often times did not understand why we bickered or hassled each other, but she always stuck with us. I still remember the day when my mom was no longer just the rule enforcer, but instead one of my best friends. She helped me load my car and drive 10 hours east to move into my first apartment after college. She always answered my calls whether I thought I had bed bugs in my bed, which I found out I did, or just because I needed to know that she was in my corner and that she had confidence in me. Being closer to mom has been fun, including tailgating before football games, downtown shop perusing and crafting calls. My mom is the best and her support continues to help me know I can do what I put my mind to it.

Sarcasm, style and level-headiness are three traits I hope I have gained from my two grandmothers. Growing up, I was able to learn how to make sugar cookies and the secret to making your gravy brown from my one grandmother. She definitely decorated the entire house for every holiday. We have great memories of fun and learning at grandma’s house. The holidays at grandma and grandpas house are filled with laughter, sarcasm and entertaining stories that have been told many times. Grandma is always the driver of the Uno game, and it always seems to be that was play by her rules, whatever that might be that day. Thank you grandma for my drive, competiveness and sarcasm to get me through the rough patches.  

I hope to emulate my second grandmother’s style and pizazz. Graduating from college with a degree in interior design, she always had an eye for design. Her creative approach I believe is part of our genes and something I cherish when I’m in my crafting moods. She also taught me the importance of being put together. She always coordinated her accessories, shoes with her outfits. So, every day when I carefully chose my jewelry, I think about making grandma proud. Grandma knew the importance of having fun, and was pretty much up for any adventures we could dream up. She even accompanied us to wine country for my sister’s bachelorette party. 

The generations before them were filled with even more spirited and amazing women. I didn’t even begin to touch on cousins, aunts and those family friends that know you so well they might as well share DNA. I love you all. 

I’m so honored to be surrounded by females who love and support me, push me to be my best, while grounding me in reality. Also, thank you to the gentlemen in my life that give us gals a chance to shine and be the leaders that we were meant to be. With partners and supporters in our corner, anything is possible.